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How often does your firm perform online research of your online users?

RBC Royal Bank wins top honour in Canadian online banking study for the second straight year

Toronto, ON --- October 26, 2011 --- Consumers can again look to RBC Royal Bank for the most comprehensive online banking experience in Canada.

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Recent Web Design Projects
ODYE Africa Surviscor
First-time 'RV curious' travellers driving up domestic demand for recreational vehicles
Tourists driving down the roads of the Canadian Rockies in an RV on a beautiful summer day

Some businesses that sell or rent RVs are seeing more demand from Canadians who can't take holidays outside the country during the pandemic. Newcomers to this type of vacation say they like the idea of being able to isolate in a self-sufficient vehicle instead of staying at a hotel or motel.

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What we can learn from China and Sweden about post-lockdown traffic and travel
Virus Outbreak Utah

Data on travel from China and Sweden is painting an early picture of how different a post-lockdown world could look.

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Canada's economy shrank at 8% pace in the first three months of 2020, worst since 2009
Coronavirus social distancing

Canada's economy shrank at an 8 per cent annual pace in the first three months of 2020, as an already weak economy in January and February was walloped by COVID-19 in March.

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