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TJL Interactive provides both general and specific operational solution based consulting. TJL Interactive approaches operational solutions from a firm wide holistic approach combining all aspects of the delivery channels to ensure that firms strive for excellence in customer service and delivery while ensuring operational efficiencies are achieved.
Front Office
  • Call centres and Contact centres
  • Website design and integration within service offering
  • Employee mentoring (Executive and Regular)
Back Office
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Vendor relationships
  • Best practice information
  • Centralization of all activities
  • Employee mentoring (Executive and Regular)
  • Workflow efficiencies
  • Organizational design and reporting structures
  • Processes
  • Online offerings – Public and Private
Efficiency Solutions
  • Front office
  • Back office
  • Process engineering
  • Online offerings
Service Level Agreements
  • Internal: Departmental or across various lines of business
  • External: Vendor or solutions provider
Operational Review and Recommendations
  • Front office
  • Back office
  • Online offering(s)
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