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2004/05 Canadian Mutual Funds Online Advisor Offerings Review
The Canadian Mutual Funds Online Advisor Offerings Review was conducted in late 2004. The report was released in February 2005. The report identified the features and functionality of five industry firms based upon partial information obtained in the summer of 2004 during the TJL Interactive affiliation with Watchfire GomezPro as well as updated information obtained in early 2005.
The document analyses four firms from a variety of categories. In each case, TJL Interactive performed the analysis by developing features and functionality binary questions for the various categories. The analysis explores each category in detail and identifies possible opportunities that exist for firms based on the information obtained and the in-depth gap analysis. The report provides emphasis on products and services and lays the groundwork for a successful online offering within the advisor access marketplace.
This report clearly demonstrates the superiority of AIM Trimark’s and Fidelity’s online advisor offering. It is important to note that advisors use the internet primarily for increased personal control and the ability to serve clients by quickly and effectively accessing client portfolios to get time value added account information and transaction history. The issue is that the industry is still significantly behind other financial services verticals in terms of an online offering.
The report was produced and included the following information based upon the findings:
  • Executive Summary, The Process and Top Findings
  • 2004 Quartile Rankings and Company Overviews
  • Category Overviews and Best Practice Information
    • Access, Policies and Help Features
    • Advisor Interaction and Services Offered
    • Design Features and Performance
    • Advisor and Client Information
    • Planning and Selection Tools
    • Advisor Education and Learning Centre
    • Relationship Services
  • Industry Next Steps including Recommendations
The analysis also identifies best practice information, within and outside of the online mutual fund advisor space, where opportunities appear to exist. The analysis is meant to serve as a development template for Company X and identify opportunities in the features and functionality areas of their online mutual fund advisor offering.
Overall Rankings
1st: AIM Trimark
2nd: Fidelity Investment
3rd: Mackenzie Financial
4th: Franklin Templeton Investments
AIM Fidelity Mackenzie Franklin
OVERALL 1 2 3 4
Access, Policies and Help features T2 1 T2 T2
Advisor Interaction and Services Offered 2 4 3 1
Design Features and Performance 1 3 2 4
Advisor and Client Information 1 T3 2 T3
Fund Research and Market Information 1 2 3 4
Planning and Selection Tools 1 2 4 3
Advisor education and Learning Centre 2 3 4 1
Relationship Services 2 1 T3 T3
Results are based on individual question rankings
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