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TJL Interactive provides extensive website and best practice custom consulting. TJL Interactive has been actively involved in the financial services industry since 2003 as well acting as a re-seller for firms like Gomez (via Strategic Guidance Consulting) and Watchfire GomezPro. In both cases, Glenn LaCoste was the lead analyst in Canada providing industry accepted online scorecards/rating services and customized consulting for most of Canada’s leading online financial services firms.

TJL Interactive and affiliate Surviscor provide firms with knowledgeable, un-biased, cost-effective third party competitive and industry benchmarking and best practice analysis at a fraction of the cost of expensive FTE departments. Surviscor produces annual and semi-annual scorCards that rank the individual online firms within their online industry.

Industry Expertise and Analysis
  • Leader in online financial services analysis in Canada
  • Over 16 years brokerage experience
  • Over 5 years banking and mutual fund experience
  • Provided industry expertise to over 20 firms in Canada since 2003
Prototype Reviews and Recommendations
  • Review concept designs for design and functionality
  • Provide industry features and functionality guidelines
  • Recommend plans of action based upon resources and timelines
Design recommendations and Strategy
  • Recommend best practice solutions for new and/or improved designs
  • Provide strategic recommendations based on industry findings
  • Provided usability analysis and recommendations for new modules
Preparation of Functional Specifications
  • Provide business specifications for online offerings
  • Provide business expertise with technical development team
  • Provide liaison between firm and vendor
RFP/RFI Expertise
  • Provide industry expertise in preparation of questionnaires
  • Provide recommendations on selection of appropriate vendor
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